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Survey: profile, and income of web designers in 2019May 9, 2019 4:58 pm

Survey: profile, and income of web designers in 2019

We invite you to discover the results of the survey we launched among these professionals on their relationship to work. 500 web design professionals answered our questions about their daily lives at work.

Real satisfaction and proper integration into companies

Good news to start with: 64% of design professionals love their job very much! They are even 97% to like it somewhat or very much. They are also 72% to be slightly or very satisfied with their company.

Their work itself is also perceived positively. Two out of three design professionals say they are or very well known in their jobs. A figure that drops when you look at their strategic role, but they are still 54% to feel integrated into their company’s strategy.

Qualified positions, more feminine and distributed in different departments of the company

What is the job name of the design professionals? 27% of them use web designers, ahead of computer graphics designers (22%), UX designers (16%) and artistic directors (11%).

The profession is mainly female, with 55% of respondents. It is better to have a diploma to practice this profession since 94% of the panel has at least two years of college education, and 29% a Master Degree. These studies are mainly carried out in Art and Design (46%) but also sometimes in Communication and Marketing (27%) or even in IT (12%). The distribution in the services reflects this plurality of paths, with 34% having integrated a department dedicated to design, while 22% work in communication, 20% in marketing and 12% in technology.

A very relative loyalty to their employer

The digital professions are known to offer good prospects in terms of employability, with demand still high on the part of companies. 42% of digital professionals see themselves in another company within two years. 84% of them no longer see themselves in their current company in five years.

This openness to the outside world is also reflected in the strong propensity of these professionals to develop projects outside their working hours. 69% have launched unpaid projects, 64% monetize their know-how on paid projects, and only 26% have no activities outside the office.

A median salary of $50,000 gross per year

The median salary of design professionals is around $30,000 gross per year (49% earn less, 51% earn more). At both extremes, 10% of them earn less than $20,000 total annually, and the same number earn more than $45,000.

For freelancers and self-employed professionals, the average is more modest, probably driven from below by independent entrepreneurs and people who earn additional income from their activity. For example, one in three respondents reports paying less than the minimum monthly payment, when the median is $1,500 net monthly. 24% of freelancers still report earning more than $2,500 net per month.

If design professionals like their job, the feeling is more negative on the salary. While one in two is somewhat satisfied with their wage for employees, the situation is more nuanced for freelancers, which is understandable given the reported salaries. Two out of three are not satisfied, including 22% not at all satisfied. A good reason to pass the employee milestone?

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Study shows Python 3 is widely used and appreciated for web developmentFebruary 18, 2019 9:29 am

Study shows Python 3 is widely used and appreciated for web development

In its latest study, JetBrains shows that the adoption of the 3rd version of the Python development language continues to grow. In particular, it is used extensively for data analysis and web development.

JetBrains, the publisher of the PyCharm IDE for Python, has published the results of its 2018 Python Developers Survey of more than 20,000 independent Python companies and developers worldwide. A real snapshot of users’ tools, preferences, and feelings, the survey shows that, overall, the adoption of Python is increasing and that the programming language is used mostly in data analysis. But the use of Python is still blooming in web development, testing, and automation.

Of the Python developers surveyed, 84% said that Python was their primary development language and 50% cited JavaScript as their second choice. The fact that HTML/CSS is in third place, with 47%, indicates Python’s significant role in creating web applications, both for public websites and private applications or desktop applications with a web front end (such as Electron, for example). 

Flask and Django among the most used Python web frameworks

Regarding the adoption of Python 2 vs. Python 3, the survey shows that 84% of respondents use Python 3 and 16% still use Python 2. Among Python 3 users, 54% use Python 3.6, and 30% use Python 3.7, the rest shared between other versions. The increasing use of Python 3 has remained stable year-on-year since 2013, indicating that a small group of users will continue to use it until the end of the version’s life, set for 2020. The survey did not investigate why developers continued to use Python 2 and do not say whether this motivation is related to the weight of existing code, institutional requirements or simply preferences.

About 52% of respondents stated that they mainly use Python for web development. When asked to identify a single use case of Python and differentiate it from all the others, Web development came out on top with 27%. The survey also shows that Flask (47%) and Django (45%) are by far the most widely used Python web frameworks.

Data analysis, the task most widely associated with Python in recent years, is cited in 58% of language use cases. In this environment, the NumPy (62%), Pandas (51%), Matplotlib (46%) and SciPy (38%) packs reign supreme. In the related field of machine learning, cited by 38% of users, the most commonly used machine learning framework is TensorFlow (25%). Finally, among the big data tools for Python, Apache Spark is easily in the lead with 12%.

All the tasks with which Python has been associated since its creation are well represented: system automation (43%), web scraping or harvesting (37%) and software testing (32%) are always high on the list. Jenkins/Hudson (25%) and Ansible (20%), Requests (53%) and Pytest (46%) are the primary tools used by developers in these areas.

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5 web design trends for 2019November 15, 2018 11:46 am

5 web design trends for 2019

In 2019, the web design continues to follow the leading design trends already mentioned in 2018. They will evolve with new ideas and techniques related to the use of web media. We should not forget that design is one of the most critical phases in the development of a website. 30% of the time of conception of a website is spent in web design, that’s why it’s so important!

The web is all about offering a rich and beautiful experience to those who come to visit a site.

Here are 5 web design trends for 2018:

Split screens

The screen divided into two distinct parts, one for an image and one for textual content, for example. This separation of the content usually occupies the entire surface of the screen.
These types of designs are popular due to the beautiful visual experiences they offer on both desktop screens and mobile devices.

Asymmetric grids

The perfectly symmetrical design is over. While split-screen layouts were popular in 2017, this visual principle is evolving in 2018. Designers use a more asymmetrical grid pattern to divide the visual elements on the screen to provide an innovative design.

There must be a balance between the elements for this concept to work. Spaces and text areas are balanced with images to create an aesthetic design.

Organic and oblique shapes

trendsThis trend started in 2016, gained popularity in 2017 and will continue to grow in 2018.
It is possible to get beautiful results using mixed shapes and patterns on the page. First of all, this type of design aspect is very appreciated because here too the old conventions of symmetrical and orderly design are broken. It gives way to fluidity and dynamic lines that offer less monotonous and more inspiring web design.

Visual in SVG format

PNG, JPG and even GIF images are outdated. In the modern world, we care more about image quality and accessibility.

The SVG format will undoubtedly be the most popular format in website design trends in 2018. SVG maintains its quality compared to other image formats. It will be the best format for graphic elements such as icons.

Evolving vector graphics are increasingly common as an image type. SVG guarantees that graphics, icons, and logos remain sharp, regardless of the size or resolution of the screen.


As browser technology advances, more and more websites offer more than static images and find new ideas to attract users. Animations are useful for attracting visitors throughout their experience on your website.

The animation is an excellent tool to engage users and immerse them in the history of a brand.

User’s interaction with the site causes the animation. The effect, if well thought out and realized will guarantee an extended experience-rich visit.

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Everything You Need To Know About VPS Web HostingJune 25, 2018 9:03 am

Everything You Need To Know About VPS Web Hosting

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting is something that you need to know about if you are looking for hosting for your website. It is essential to know what this type of hosting does and how it differs from other types of hosting on the market. You also need to consider what the benefits of this hosting will be.

What Is VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is one of the types of hosting accounts that you will be able to get. This hosting will work on operating system virtualization. This means that the hosting company will be able to run some different operating systems on a single server.

This allows you to get the benefits of a dedicated server at the costs of a shared server. The server that is used for this hosting will be shared but divided into different operating systems. Your website will operate on one of these systems while other websites which use the server will be on a different one. This segmentation of the server allows each website to run in their operating system environment.

How VPS Differs To Shared And Dedicated Hosting

a private serverWhile it is important to note that you get the benefits of dedicated hosting with the price of shared, you need to know how VPOS differs from other account types. Dedicated servers are expensive to run and will not be an option for most people. When you have a dedicated web hosting account, the hosting company will have a server which only stores your website and the website information. This is considered one of the most secure hosting options, but it is also the most expensive.

As the name suggests, shared hosting will have a server which is shared by many people. The server will host some websites running on the same operating systems. This can cause your website to slow down and is considered more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

With VPS hosting, multiple websites will be placed on a single server. The use of separate operating systems on the server will create sections similar to a dedicated server. Your website will be the only stored in a specific section of the server which increases the safety and speed of the website.

The Benefits Of VPS Hosting

Many benefits come with the use of BPS hosting. The primary benefit is the privacy that you get from not having to share an operating system with other websites. When this happens, the other websites could gain access to your files, and this is something that you want to avoid at all times.

Customization is another benefit that you get with this hosting. With your operating system, you will have your instances of server applications such as MySQL, PHP, and Apache. If you need to customize any of these services, you will be able to do so without any issues. This is something that you will not be able to do with a shared hosting plan.

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Basics of Website HostingJune 25, 2018 8:52 am

Basics of Website Hosting

In this part, reserved for beginners, we explain the basic notions of web hosting.

1. What is hosting on the Internet?

You have a website, which you have created yourself or which you have delegated to a service provider.

In both cases, to make your website visible on the Internet, you must “host” your site, in other words, put your web pages on a remote computer called a server.

This computer will be permanently accessible throughout the world and will deliver the pages of your website to Internet users who request it.

1.1 What is a web server?

A server is a computer used to host Internet sites.

Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the server delivers worldwide the web pages that appear on your screen when you visit a website.

Unlike your personal computer, the server will run continuously, and be protected from power outages.

Servers are machines made with individual components that are more robust than personal computers sold in traditional stores.

Servers are designed to withstand intensive operating conditions.

It is not recommended to use a standard desktop or laptop computer as a server, except to test your website.

1.2 How do I transfer my website to a server?

Most often, web pages are transferred using so-called “Ftp client” software.

Easy to use, the Ftp client software allows you to connect from home to the server, and to send to the server your web pages initially present on your personal computer.

Once transferred to the server, your pages will be visible to Internet users around the world, when they type in their browser the address of your website or when they click on a link that leads to one of the pages of your site.

2. What is an Internet host?

A hosting provider is a company that offers web hosting services.

There are free hosts, mostly Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who offer their subscriber’s limited free space to host their pages.

There are also, for professionals or demanding individuals paid hosting providers, who deliver a superior quality of service to free hosting providers.

This quality often translates into faster page loading, the absence of advertising or the possibility of having your domain name, as well as other advantages detailed on this site. Payment is usually made online by subscription.

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Comprehensive Web Design Services: Why Use an Agency?February 1, 2017 6:35 am

Comprehensive Web Design Services: Why Use an Agency?

With the boom of the electronic age, it seems the need for a company specialising in website design has waned, with so many DIY-ers and homegrown service providers you might be overlooking the necessity of a web design agency.

After all, why spend money going through an agency when you can freelance an employee on the cheap? Truthfully there are many, many reasons why one would (and should) use a web design service to meet their solution needs—we will explore many of those reasons here.

What Does A Web Design Agency Do?

we treat you like a dog cos youre a cunt mateOne of the first thoughts you might have is, “Okay what does a web design agency do?”.
The short answer is –everything. Most WD agencies offer expensive services that will cover any basic need and even quite a few uncommon ones. Because of this, they can often have your web related job complete in a much shorter time than that a solo person behind a laptop screen.

All WD services offer the basics,–that is–Graphical Design, Copywriting, Responsive Design and On-Site Search Engine Customization (S.E.O.). The bulk of basic website design falls under these basic categories however exceptional web design agencies will go a step further and offer more comprehensive services. It is this group of more expensive services where WDA’s shine, ensuring that you get the most value for your buck.

Digital Marketing Services: New Age Of The Web

Digital marketing services make up a suite of services that your WDA can provide you in addition to the basics. It includes Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Blogging, E-mail Marketing and Analytics. These services, when used in conjunction with one another, provide a complete package to give you exposure, traffic and information so that you can target users and drive sales in a way you never thought possible.

responsive web design matters

Responsive web design matters

In Depth Recap

Before continuing it would be helpful to take a brief look at each aspect of web design and how it can help your concept.

  • Graphical Design is the visual and lay out oriented presentation of your website. This is a key factor in retaining customers and ensuring that your visitors stay long enough to check out your content. They won’t be interested in difficult to navigate websites or an unappealing design.
  • Copywriting is the service of web designers that allows you to make “hands off” content by having them do it for you. A great time saver and almost always better than what most people could provide on their own.
  • Responsive design ensures that your website is viewed correctly on all platforms, as well as interactive to the user while they navigate. It is very important for a more lively, modern web experience.
  • On Site S.E.O. Refers to the fine tuning of your website that allows search engines to capture your sight via “Visibility”. This is very important in today’s internet.
  • Social Media Marketing has proved to be a very useful tool in reaching an audience where they live so to speak—your WDA can provide this for you if needed based on your concept.
  • Branding refers to the popularity and notoriety of your concept. Content building efforts ensure that your name gets out there and is known more easily.
  • Finally analytics allows you to see just how fruitful your service’s effort was. It can show you many interesting facts that can help you understand who your key clients are and how to cater to them without needing to ask.

As you see, web design is a whole endeavour, much more so than simply making a website. It is for this reason that you owe it to yourself to take a look at your local web design agency for any of your web design needs.

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Advantages of A Custom Web Page DesignJanuary 24, 2017 3:00 pm

Advantages of A Custom Web Page Design

The web page design reflects the identity of the company that makes you different from your other competitors in the business. So, a custom website is an investment, not an expense that helps you connect with the customers and eventually grow your business to the new heights.

Here are few of the benefits of having a custom website design:

  • Gives you a unique identity:

A website helps in branding for your business on an online platform. The custom web design means the custom graphics and the custom content that helps you stand out and keep the potentials engaged on your page for a longer period. It creates a unique identity of the business that helps in creating everlasting impression and getting recognized easily. The site is developed in accordance with all your requirements and shall have all things that no one else has. So, it creates a unique identity for your business.

  • Search engine optimized (SEO):

Whenever a custom website design is done, all the things are strategically placed to make it more search engine friendly. It helps in increasing your page ranking and getting more traffic driven to your website. Moreover, the website designed through templates is boring and dull which does not help you in getting a good amount of marketing in comparison to custom designs.

  • Flexibility:

The custom web designs are flexible that can be scaled with the growth of the business. There is an option to expand the website as the business expands which helps in saving money and efforts eventually. The custom designs are very easy and quick to edit even if there is any big change in the design. On the hand, if the template design needs some changes, then you need to start from the scratch again.

  • Customer friendly:

The customer web designs are more customer friendly. They include all the information that can be required by the customer to make their buying decisions. Also, all the information is shared in very simple and summarized format that can be read very quickly. Even the whole navigation through the website is very customer friendly in term so easy to fill sale forms, secured payment gateways, customer support, etc.

  • Stay ahead in competition:

When you use the custom design for your website, you use all the graphics, content, etc. which no one else has. It helps in building your unique online identity, increases your online visibility, as well as projects your business image to the potentials and customers. The custom design website helps you look more professional and helps in developing other marketing materials like brochures, flyers, newsletters etc. in line with your website. This helps you with strong brand building and staying ahead in the competition.

So, the custom website design helps you in many ways and creates your identity in the online world


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How Your Web Site Design Defines Your Success in Internet MarketingJanuary 21, 2017 2:58 pm

How Your Web Site Design Defines Your Success in Internet Marketing

A website is an online platform to represent your business on the web. It helps in letting know what your company offers, why should they buy your products/services, why what you are offering is different from others. It really makes a difference how you visually project your company to company to communicate with the people by using various images, colors, content, etc. to create an excellent user interface.

This is how your website helps in internet marketing:

  • Creating your credibility:

A website is a very easy way to create your goodwill and trust among the customers and other people. This makes it essential to have a good website design that can represent your business in such a way that an increasing number of customers are attracted to your business. It should speak about your credentials, skills, expertise, experience, past success stories, etc. to create trust and confidence of the visitors in your business.

  • Increases your scope of reach:

Internet marketing is all about increasing your online visibility and getting more and more of the customer’s visit to your website. Now, with the desktop friendly web design as well as mobile friendly web design, you can reach out to so many customers at one time.

  • 24*7 access to the customers:

Unlike conventional stores, online website around the clock access to the information, products, and shopping facilities to the consumers. All the payments can be made through the plastic corner using the secured gateway.

  • Gives you a competitive edge:

Due to competition, websites have become an essential part of the business. No business can survive without a website in present times. Your business shall be a disaster if your competitor will have a website and you do not. He will attract all the consumer’s attraction and grow his business rapidly. He will always be ahead of you in the race. So, it is very important that you get a website for growing your business online. And to make sure that enough traffic is driven towards your website, then, you need to make sure that the content of your website is search engine optimized to improve your search engine ranking.

  • Helps you connect with the customers:

To turn the potential customers into sales, it is important that they are engaged and educated about the products. So, the website allows you to establish an online communication channel with the customers. Through a website, you can share valuable information about your business as well as products through articles, blogs, social media networks, etc. Also, you can take care of all the queries, feedback, and comments in a real-time with the help of the website.

These are the few benefits that you get through web site developed for your business to enhance your internet marketing strategies. It helps you in enhancing the business’s presence over the internet and connecting with the consumers.


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The Importance of Web Site designJanuary 15, 2017 2:57 pm

The Importance of Web Site design

In this technology oriented world, you can effectively communicate online with millions of customers worldwide. But, to create your business’s social presence, you need a website. Most of the customers these days visit the company’s website before making any purchase. That’s the reason an effective website becomes important.

  • Search engine optimization:

A good website design means the best possible SEO that helps in diverting huge traffic to your website by improving your search engine ranking. The better is your website SEO, the more potential customers visit your website when they do a web search. If your search engine ranking is low, then it is likely that your website will appear on the second, third or the fourth page, this reduces the traffic to your page. If your website appears on the first page through good SEO strategy, then there are more chances of customers visiting your page.

  • Attracting the customers:

When a customer visit to your website, the very first thing that he notices is the design of the web page. If you have an unappealing and outdated design, then the customer is more likely to move on from your page to another. On the other hand, If you have an attractive website design that is easy to use and navigate then, you can attract more customers that too for a longer period of time. The design of the website explains your marketing strategy by acting as a mirror of the company that helps in building trust with the customers. The quality of website design also reflects the quality which the business is intended to offer to the customers. It also helps in building trust with the customers

  • Content:

A good website design offers a relevant and short content relating to the business and its products that help in educating the customers. The short, to the point, warm and welcoming message gives an everlasting impression on the customer’s mind. If you try to add too much text on a page, then it looks visually cluttered and no one has that much time to read so many details. So, a good website design offers a good content in terms of a quick and a brief note about the company and its services or products.

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