5 web design trends for 2019

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June 25, 2018
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5 web design trends for 2019

In 2019, the web design continues to follow the leading design trends already mentioned in 2018. They will evolve with new ideas and techniques related to the use of web media. We should not forget that design is one of the most critical phases in the development of a website. 30% of the time of conception of a website is spent in web design, that’s why it’s so important!

The web is all about offering a rich and beautiful experience to those who come to visit a site.

Here are 5 web design trends for 2018:

Split screens

The screen divided into two distinct parts, one for an image and one for textual content, for example. This separation of the content usually occupies the entire surface of the screen.
These types of designs are popular due to the beautiful visual experiences they offer on both desktop screens and mobile devices.

Asymmetric grids

The perfectly symmetrical design is over. While split-screen layouts were popular in 2017, this visual principle is evolving in 2018. Designers use a more asymmetrical grid pattern to divide the visual elements on the screen to provide an innovative design.

There must be a balance between the elements for this concept to work. Spaces and text areas are balanced with images to create an aesthetic design.

Organic and oblique shapes

trendsThis trend started in 2016, gained popularity in 2017 and will continue to grow in 2018.
It is possible to get beautiful results using mixed shapes and patterns on the page. First of all, this type of design aspect is very appreciated because here too the old conventions of symmetrical and orderly design are broken. It gives way to fluidity and dynamic lines that offer less monotonous and more inspiring web design.

Visual in SVG format

PNG, JPG and even GIF images are outdated. In the modern world, we care more about image quality and accessibility.

The SVG format will undoubtedly be the most popular format in website design trends in 2018. SVG maintains its quality compared to other image formats. It will be the best format for graphic elements such as icons.

Evolving vector graphics are increasingly common as an image type. SVG guarantees that graphics, icons, and logos remain sharp, regardless of the size or resolution of the screen.


As browser technology advances, more and more websites offer more than static images and find new ideas to attract users. Animations are useful for attracting visitors throughout their experience on your website.

The animation is an excellent tool to engage users and immerse them in the history of a brand.

User’s interaction with the site causes the animation. The effect, if well thought out and realized will guarantee an extended experience-rich visit.

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