Comprehensive Web Design Services: Why Use an Agency?

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January 24, 2017
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June 25, 2018

Comprehensive Web Design Services: Why Use an Agency?

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With the boom of the electronic age, it seems the need for a company specialising in website design has waned, with so many DIY-ers and homegrown service providers you might be overlooking the necessity of a web design agency.

After all, why spend money going through an agency when you can freelance an employee on the cheap? Truthfully there are many, many reasons why one would (and should) use a web design service to meet their solution needs—we will explore many of those reasons here.

What Does A Web Design Agency Do?

we treat you like a dog cos youre a cunt mateOne of the first thoughts you might have is, “Okay what does a web design agency do?”.
The short answer is –everything. Most WD agencies offer expensive services that will cover any basic need and even quite a few uncommon ones. Because of this, they can often have your web related job complete in a much shorter time than that a solo person behind a laptop screen.

All WD services offer the basics,–that is–Graphical Design, Copywriting, Responsive Design and On-Site Search Engine Customization (S.E.O.). The bulk of basic website design falls under these basic categories however exceptional web design agencies will go a step further and offer more comprehensive services. It is this group of more expensive services where WDA’s shine, ensuring that you get the most value for your buck.

Digital Marketing Services: New Age Of The Web

Digital marketing services make up a suite of services that your WDA can provide you in addition to the basics. It includes Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Blogging, E-mail Marketing and Analytics. These services, when used in conjunction with one another, provide a complete package to give you exposure, traffic and information so that you can target users and drive sales in a way you never thought possible.

responsive web design matters

Responsive web design matters

In Depth Recap

Before continuing it would be helpful to take a brief look at each aspect of web design and how it can help your concept.

  • Graphical Design is the visual and lay out oriented presentation of your website. This is a key factor in retaining customers and ensuring that your visitors stay long enough to check out your content. They won’t be interested in difficult to navigate websites or an unappealing design.
  • Copywriting is the service of web designers that allows you to make “hands off” content by having them do it for you. A great time saver and almost always better than what most people could provide on their own.
  • Responsive design ensures that your website is viewed correctly on all platforms, as well as interactive to the user while they navigate. It is very important for a more lively, modern web experience.
  • On Site S.E.O. Refers to the fine tuning of your website that allows search engines to capture your sight via “Visibility”. This is very important in today’s internet.
  • Social Media Marketing has proved to be a very useful tool in reaching an audience where they live so to speak—your WDA can provide this for you if needed based on your concept.
  • Branding refers to the popularity and notoriety of your concept. Content building efforts ensure that your name gets out there and is known more easily.
  • Finally analytics allows you to see just how fruitful your service’s effort was. It can show you many interesting facts that can help you understand who your key clients are and how to cater to them without needing to ask.

As you see, web design is a whole endeavour, much more so than simply making a website. It is for this reason that you owe it to yourself to take a look at your local web design agency for any of your web design needs.

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