Survey: profile, and income of web designers in 2019

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February 18, 2019

Survey: profile, and income of web designers in 2019

We invite you to discover the results of the survey we launched among these professionals on their relationship to work. 500 web design professionals answered our questions about their daily lives at work.

Real satisfaction and proper integration into companies

Good news to start with: 64% of design professionals love their job very much! They are even 97% to like it somewhat or very much. They are also 72% to be slightly or very satisfied with their company.

Their work itself is also perceived positively. Two out of three design professionals say they are or very well known in their jobs. A figure that drops when you look at their strategic role, but they are still 54% to feel integrated into their company’s strategy.

Qualified positions, more feminine and distributed in different departments of the company

What is the job name of the design professionals? 27% of them use web designers, ahead of computer graphics designers (22%), UX designers (16%) and artistic directors (11%).

The profession is mainly female, with 55% of respondents. It is better to have a diploma to practice this profession since 94% of the panel has at least two years of college education, and 29% a Master Degree. These studies are mainly carried out in Art and Design (46%) but also sometimes in Communication and Marketing (27%) or even in IT (12%). The distribution in the services reflects this plurality of paths, with 34% having integrated a department dedicated to design, while 22% work in communication, 20% in marketing and 12% in technology.

A very relative loyalty to their employer

The digital professions are known to offer good prospects in terms of employability, with demand still high on the part of companies. 42% of digital professionals see themselves in another company within two years. 84% of them no longer see themselves in their current company in five years.

This openness to the outside world is also reflected in the strong propensity of these professionals to develop projects outside their working hours. 69% have launched unpaid projects, 64% monetize their know-how on paid projects, and only 26% have no activities outside the office.

A median salary of $50,000 gross per year

The median salary of design professionals is around $30,000 gross per year (49% earn less, 51% earn more). At both extremes, 10% of them earn less than $20,000 total annually, and the same number earn more than $45,000.

For freelancers and self-employed professionals, the average is more modest, probably driven from below by independent entrepreneurs and people who earn additional income from their activity. For example, one in three respondents reports paying less than the minimum monthly payment, when the median is $1,500 net monthly. 24% of freelancers still report earning more than $2,500 net per month.

If design professionals like their job, the feeling is more negative on the salary. While one in two is somewhat satisfied with their wage for employees, the situation is more nuanced for freelancers, which is understandable given the reported salaries. Two out of three are not satisfied, including 22% not at all satisfied. A good reason to pass the employee milestone?

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